What are the Causes of Fear?

Most of the causes of fear are developed during childhood. They usually are associated with unpleasant events related to the fear.

Most of us normally are born with two innate fears, that of loud noises and falling.

In time we may forget the original event, but the fear remains and replays every time a similar event or circumstance presents itself.

There are exceptions such as fears inherited from our family tree or severe traumas from violence or warfare.

When I was eleven years old a bat landed on my head as I was sleeping. This totally freaked me out and there is nothing quite like a screaming eleven year old at 3:00am. That's pretty obvious where my fear of bats started.

The subconscious may also twist or intertwine words. For example a fear of cats could be tied to sexual abuse. The subconscious may equate the word "cat" for the word "pussy" a slang term for the female genitalia or a cat.

Fears are rooted in feelings of a lack of safety or security. It clearly was not a very secure feeling with some unknown creature flying around in my dark bedroom.

I no longer have a fear of bats. Batman still does not excite me, but Batwoman is a little more interesting.

Fears are normal and natural emotions that warn us from unsafe conditions to stay away. So a fear of wasps or a fear of snakes should be of no concern but rather a help.

However fears can become irrational and even debilitating. Stage fright is not a life threatening situation, yet by many is considered the number one fear. Yet I have seen people overcome stage fright in less than twenty minutes.

Social phobias can limit your life’s opportunities, they can keep you from earning a better income, missing social activities or even keep you shut in your home too fearful to venture out.

Social fears can cripple a person just as assuredly as losing a limb or sight. Telling these unfortunate people just to get over it, is like telling a pig to bark. In fact it will worsen the matter and not help one bit.

The causes of fear and the fear itself need to be both addressed to make sure of permanently over coming fear. Inner Influencing is a really great tool to turn your fear dials down , quickly, painlessly and with surprising little effort.

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