The Causes of Eczema:

Some may wonder which foods cause eczema, but these are not the causes of eczema. As usual medical science does not know the the answer.

What does eczema look like?

♦ Red raised patches on your skin.

♦ It looks bumpy like acne.

♦ The skin dries out becoming thick and scaly.

♦ Itching, sometimes so intense that you scratch until you bleed.

It affects the part of the body that involves a simple separation conflict. This is a healing phase syndrome.

The changing seasons can re-trigger the conflict, and as with allergies just about anything present in the environment during the original separation conflict can trigger a new cycle.

Included are feelings of non-acceptance, feeling stuck in life, having to suppress feelings to feel accepted. 


Erica 24, worked as a bank teller. She was diagnosed with eczema on the back of her left hand.  She was embarrassed to show her hands. She had this since early childhood. I asked her if she went to day care, looking surprised she said “yes”.

She did not remember many details, so I asked her to ask her mother about her day care experience. Erica’s mother said that Erica would tightly hold on to her hand and not want to let go when she was dropped off. At the day care center Erica would cry, but she was scolded for the crying and quickly learned to suppress her feelings. 

After I worked with Erica her eczema worsened and then completely vanished after only two weeks.

Andy, an infant was born with severe baby eczema on his face. This little boy looked awful and his parents were reluctant to show him off to anybody.

I spoke with Andy's parents separately and asked each one if they were considering separating or divorcing during the pregnancy.

Andy's mother secretly wanted to divorce her husband. She felt that he was not paying her enough attention and didn't accept her as she is. 

Andy's father had just started a new job and was stressed out learning the ropes and did not realize that his wife was feeling lonely and abandoned.

Working with Andy's mother on her feelings of separation and lack of acceptance cured her son’s eczema in just a few weeks.

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