The Causes of Colon Cancer

What are the of causes of colon cancer? Again studies are inconclusive. Some studies show this or that contributes to what causes colon cancer, and other studies refute them.  How are you supposed to make an informed assessment?

Researchers are wasting time and money looking for the causes of colon cancer in all the wrong places

Colon cancer is based in endodermic tissue. It grows in the conflict active phase. If there is any bleeding and mycosis (fungal infection), it is already beginning to break down in the healing phase. 

If you have any of the colon cancer warning signs its important to get a diagnosis from a competent physician.

It is also important to get professional help to treat the shock and trauma from the diagnosis. Unless you are an experienced energy therapist, you should not try to treat yourself.

The cause of colon cancer is conflict related to something loathsome, despicable, a hateful or a gross occurrence or action. Something ugly that can't be pardoned or forgiven.

Resentment is the key word.

Often the culprit is within the family, close friends or business partners. Many times the inability to forgive haunts us to the point of disturbing our sleep.

You may want and yearn to forget or let go of the hurt, but hard as you try you cannot do it. You can painlessly overcome this inability to let go, forgive and find peace, with the help of Inner Influencing.

Typical Case:

Richard, 56 years old, was complaining that his business partner was stealing money and not pulling his weight with his work duties.

This enraged Richard and he felt frustrated and cheated. He wondered "how could my friend screw me over and then with a pious face go to church?"

Out of desperation he wanted sell out, but his partner refused to buy Richard’s part of the business.

Richard felt disgust and simmering full of hatred and rage. During this time he had difficulty sleeping and he couldn’t get his business problems off his mind day or night.

Before he contacted me, Richard had already begun treatments for colon cancer and had a large section of his colon removed.

We worked together to insure a complete recovery. He found peace and gratefully put this unpleasant chapter of his life behind him. He said that he felt a “huge relief”, “like a big rock taken off my belly”.

A year later, the partner agreed to sell his part of the business to Richard. Richard is now enjoying perfect health and is busy as ever. His colon cancer never returned.

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