What are the Causes of Back Pain?

What are the causes of back pain? Often your doctor may not find a cause, but he knows that you are not the type of person that would fake a disability; but the possibility that you are faking it may lurk in his mind. Why?, because he is not sure of his diagnosis.

You have been working hard, you stacked 40 tons of bagged chicken feed. You are feeling good and the day is over. You reach down to pick up your lunch box and wham- sudden severe lower back pain. It doesn't make sense but your pain is very real and totally unexpected.

You wonder what are the causes of back pain; and ask, "Why is this happening to me"?

You go to the company doctor he feels around and finds muscle tightness and spasms. He gives you a few days off. Your coworkers are joking that you are faking it.

Your burning back pain continues and sleeping is difficult. You see the doctor again and he wants to do a MRI scan.

He finds some possible causes of back pain a herniated disc and suggests surgery as an option. You are frightened, you ask how are you going to pay the bills? How much time will it take to recover?

It is believed the causes of lower back pain are purely physical. However,Dr. John Sarno did a study randomly selecting volunteers for MRI scans. His results were very surprising, one third of the volunteers showed abnormalities such as slipped discs. torn rotor cuffs or some other problem. Yet they had no pain.

The abnormalities are given the blame, since nothing else can explain the pain.

The odds are that surgery will be as effective as placebo. It may give you temporary relief and in a few months the back pain returns.

You don't want to be on disability, but the doctor has done everything possible to help you. What else can you do? Give up and accept the diagnosis? No way!

Its time to step out of the box. If you have not noticed yet, every disease or condition on this website has unknown causes.

Its because the doctors and researchers are operating on the assumption that all these conditions are caused by some sort of physical stimulus or deficiency.

With this unquestioned assumption they keep searching and researching but will never find the holy grail.

Check out the medical websites, one after the other admit they do not know what causes the majority of noninfectious diseases.

Medical science hasn't given you the answers.

Are you ready to peer out of the box? Are you ready to open your mind to new possibilities?

Acupuncture for back pain can often help where everything else has failed. 

However the best results come from healing the mind, then the body will follow and automatically heal itself. 

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