What are carpal tunnel symptoms?

You may suspect that you have carpal tunnel symptoms when it hurts to grab on to something. Your wrist feels weak and tender. You may also feel numbness and pain that runs up your arm.

Most people recover from CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) after several weeks of resting the effected hand and wrist. However, for those of you with chronic or reoccurring CTS, unresolved conflicts continue to exist. This page is meant for you.

Repetitive actions, such as typing, working a cash register, or playing musical instruments, often receive the blame. It is my experience I find that every case has an underlying conflict.

The conflicts behind CTS:

♦ You feel that your skills have been devalued.

♦ You may have a conflict about having to reject someone while not wanting to reject them, which results in feelings of depreciation.

♦You may have a conflict of having to work at something you do not want to do and feeling depreciated by your job.

♦ You may have inability to forgive or let go of past grief or misdeeds, and due to this feel devalued.


William, age thirty-five, has trouble welding. It is painful to hold the welding rod . It becomes so painful that he can no longer work. His doctor tells him to rest and shows him how to do carpal tunnel exercises.

His CTS was blamed on the repetitive action of welding. Yet many other welders that worked just as much as William had no such trouble. 

In two weeks, he feels better and returns to work. Then, the carpal tunnel symptoms start again. His doctor tells him, again, to rest. William goes through this cycle numerous times before electing carpal tunnel surgery.

He is off work for six weeks, and the bills pile up to the point where his wife needs to find a job.

He feels further devalued, and the CTS gets worse. The surgery didn't help. 

We worked together and found that his foreman was making fun of his work, calling it Kindergarten quality. William felt very insulted and began despising his foreman.

Once William chose to face his feelings and work through a session, he was instantly healed.  He quit his job  and is now happily self-employed.

Typical cases:

Steve 48, was working as a bagger in a grain mill. He filled bags of flour 10 hours a day. He developed CTS and couldn't do his job anymore.

After several months the doctor recommend surgery. After surgery the pain returned and he could not work again.

Steve was very competitive and there was a bagger that could bag faster than Steve. He felt devalued even though he was a good worker.

By treating his self devaluation conflict the CTS instantly vanished and never returned.

Acupuncture can be effective in relieving the CTS in as little as two days. Do this by massaging the heart/lung points on the affected hand.


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