What Causes Ankylosing Spondylitis                           (A.S.)?

Your back feels stiff and sore, and you wonder if it will go away by itself. After several months, your back feels a little more stiff and sore, and you now are suffering from fatigue.

You wife pushes you to visit your doctor. You do not want to; maybe you are too busy, maybe you don't like doctors. You go to keep her happy.

Your doctor notices that some of your vertebrae are inflamed. He explains that the inflammation takes energy from your body, causing your fatigue.

He diagnoses you with arthritis of the spine, or A.S. He then tells you that that the causes are unknown and that there is no cure. The worst part is that it will gradually get worse over the years.

You feel upset and shocked and you may ask yourself, "What will become of me ten or twenty years in the future?"

Your doctor may recommend exercises for ankylosing spondylitis, to temporarily help you to feel better. However, the problem will not go away until the root conflict is resolved.

The main cause of A.S. is a major self-depreciation due to feelings of failure to support yourself or family.

You may feel trapped, and it may not be your fault. Still, somehow, you are not able to bear the burden of being the corner stone of your family or business responsibilities. The responsibility is more than you can handle.

They say A.S. sometimes runs in families; they also say the same thing with attitudes. You may have inherited an attitude from your grandparents or even from someone further back in the family tree. 

A.S. is a healing phase syndrome. You can break this cycle. First, the pain and inflammation will get worse. Then, if the conflict was successfully resolved, it will all stop in a few weeks.

If you have any bone deformations that continue to cause you discomfort, they should be surgically removed.

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