Addictions are about needing substances or activities that control you, rather than you being able to control them.

Addictions are about getting relief. 

It all falls under the same umbrella, from drug and alcohol dependencies, sex and porn, work, exercise or hobbies. It is all about finding relief from anxiety, boredom or feelings of inadequacy, or not being good enough.

It always has something to do about distressful emotions

We as humans all have one universal goal, to have joy and greater happiness. We all desire to feel good. And the truth is: it is good to seek relief.

In this way we are all addicts to some degree or another. Seeking relief is what takes us to our potentials, to our greatest happiness and joy.

But what we really are hooked on are the feelings of relief.

Substance abuse is an escape, a temporary solution. We trick ourselves into believing we are getting relief but it is only temporary.

It is not good to waste away our lives chasing the rainbows of temporary relief. This will cause life complications and will require more and more of whatever we need to find relief. It could send you to prison, it could end your or someone else's life.

I categorize addictions into 2 basic categories:

  • Those that find relief through stimulation.
  • Those that find relief through relaxation.

People that seek relief though stimulation or excitement are more likely to become hooked on gaming or high risk hobbies such as base jumping. They are more likely to become hooked on stimulants like caffeine, tobacco, amphetamines, PCP, or methamphetamine.

People that seek relief though relaxation tend to gravitate towards alcohol, marijuana, barbiturates and opiates. Some people can become hooked on meditation.

People in either category could be attracted to fanatic religion or hallucinogens, as they are escapes from whatever we are hiding from. 

These dependencies vary from the benign to the highly dangerous and nobody enjoys living in the same home with a druggy or an alcoholic.

Many are homeless because their families no longer can tolerate their chemical induced behavior and this only reinforces the need for more chemicals. 

You will never find the relief you desire through addictions. 

Some may argue the point about some of the more positive types of addictions such as meditation, religion (and some religions and meditations can be harmful) or exercise. I'll let you decide for yourself. 

Being hooked reinforces powerlessness and the more powerlessness the more relief required. Likewise for relief from guilt and self condemnation.

There is no self esteem when you are addicted and it gets worse and you attract worse and worse situations and people into your life to the point it becomes a life of death situation.

The trick to overcoming is to discover whatever it is you are seeking relief from. It is always emotions, be it anxiety, stress, hatred, lack of control or whatever.

When it  is overcome, then the addiction will weaken effortlessly, the body will gently begin to adjust to the lack of whatever you were using to find relief.

With the use of Inner Influencing these feelings can easily and quickly be overcome. It is entirely possible that the causative emotions can be overcome in minutes.

In addition you need to be totally honest with yourself, admit you are addicted. Do you really want to change this? You have to be ready for a new and happy life.

Get rid of friends or family that use or encourage the use of drugs or alcohol. As you change and grow you will no longer be attracted to each other anyway.


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