How to Find Your Acupuncture Points

It is easy to find your acupuncture points. When Professor Yingqing Zhang discovered the bio-holographic law, hundreds of new points were identified.

ECIWO (Embryo Contains Information of the Whole Organism) biology and medicine is almost unheard of outside of China. Many practitioners of traditional acupuncture in China are giving up their old ways and switching to ECIWO biology.

ECIWO biology is fast, easy, and the results are often surprisingly effective. 92% of patients improve with self-treatment. Only about 8% of the general population does not respond to treatment.

Take the eraser end of a pencil and explore your hand, pushing with steady pressure to the side of the second metacarpal bone. Any tender point indicates a health problem in that area of the body.

The tender points cannot tell what the disease is, though it tells you where the problem lies. I find that the more tender the point, the more serious the illness. 

In about 5% of the cases no tender spot is found. It is not known why this occurs. Unfortunately, if you cannot find the point, it cannot be treated.

Acupressure works best for resolution or a healing phase illness. It doesn't work as well with conflict active phase illness.

Every long bone system and organ have a full set of corresponding points. However, all points can be conveniently accessed on the hands. This way, there is no need to disrobe. 

Self treatment involves pressing the pencil eraser firmly and rubbing in a circular motion on the most tender point for ten minutes, once daily. This is uncomfortable and can be painful, but no pain, no gain.

Occasionally, during treatment you may feel dizzy or nauseous. This is caused by a strong immunological reaction. If this occurs, stop the treatment. This usually means that you will heal quickly.   

There is no "crossover"; if the illness is on the left side of the body, the point on the left hand will be more sensitive. Work on the most sensitive points first, and always test both hands.

There is no danger of hitting a "wrong" point and causing damage to yourself. But, please be careful not to break or bruise your skin.

ECIWO acupuncture points are also a valuable method of pain control to help you get though the healing phase.

I spent thousands of dollars studying ECIWO biology directly under Professor Yingqing Zhang. Here, I present the most effective acupressure/acupuncture technique known, in a nutshell.

For your convenience, I offer you this information freely.

Purchase Prof. Zhang's complete English works. 

Prof. Yingqing Zhang's cancer diet. 

ECIWO and the bioholgraphic law. 

Here is a video by Prof. Yingqing Zhang. YouTube has pulled his videos. There has been a systematic drive to erase his discoveries from history. View it while you can.


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