What is an Inner Influencing Session Like?

Inner Influencing is very different from other forms of therapies. I will actually do most of the talking and you will be repeating what I say to help you learn to use this wonderful new technique on your own.

First we will very briefly discuss your discomforts. The events “causing” the distress are not very important. What is important are the emotions or feelings behind life’s events, this is what we specifically target.

There are only two things in life, thoughts and emotions. Events happen, but behind every event there are only thoughts and emotions. Emotions are what causes you to “act” or to “not act”.

Many of us have been in situations where we are tormented day and night by something unpleasant. Much as we like we can’t make the torment go away. In time this unresolved torment will go “subconscious”, that is we consciously forget it. Nevertheless this torment is active in full force within the subconscious.

It will not go away and continue to debilitate us for the rest of our lives, unless we do something about it. Inner Influencing is about the very best tool on earth to rid you of these discomforts.

The only difference between somebody that loves to play the piano or hates the piano are emotions, nothing more. This “hate” of the piano blocks you from ever attaining much skill or even stops you from practicing all together.

So why keep the hate? Even if you choose not to learn to play the piano, that hate will always debilitate you and can affect other areas of your life in less than ideal ways. So why keep it?

Inner Influencing in many cases will quickly and easily eliminate within minutes the unpleasant emotions that are holding you back from living a more fulfilling life.

By learning Inner Influencing you will make your life better in every way. After weeks or months, depending upon your diligence (You can also clear the lack of diligence) you will feel lighter, your thinking will be clearer and life will seem to be going smoother than you thought possible.

If you would like a personal session with me by telephone, Skype, or Yahoo Messenger contact me.

If you feel the telephone or Skype are not for you at this time but still would like to learn Inner Influencing, you can click here for the e-course.

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