Reversing Tooth Decay

Do you think reversing tooth decay is possible?

Yes! Tooth cavities will heal.

This knowledge will save you a heap of money over your lifetime.

When a bone is broken it heals. When you cut yourself or bruise your shin your body heals, so why can’t teeth heal?

Perhaps you have noticed that children get dental cavities even though they brush properly?

Have you known some children that get very few or no cavity symptoms even though they don't brush regularly?


The emotional conflict behind tooth cavities is a desire to bite or defend one’s self, but a child can’t defend himself against adults, older siblings or the schoolyard bully. This adds to the conflict with feelings of self devaluation.

Children that are the in-your-face, "don’t mess with me" type get few dental cavities. As adults we are able to be more assertive and suffer far fewer dental cavities.

To help your child deal with this conflict you can have him bite an apple in effigy of the person that he/she feels a need to bite. Talk with your child, have him/her express their feelings.

But...cavities won’t heal unless you reduce the bacterial population in your mouth.

How to reduce the bacterial population:

Bacteria infect teeth after necrosis starts. The tooth break down (necrosis)occurs because of present emotional conflicts.

Brushing and flossing after every meal is helpful, but....

The use of the Water Pik® to clean on top, around the gums and between the teeth is much better at reducing the bacterial load. Adding almost too warm water and few tablespoons of salt in the Water Pik® will greatly aid in healing tooth decay. (Always remember to run clean water afterward though the Pik).

A thorough brushing and cleaning with the Water Pik® once a week will prevent the formation of dental cavities.

A study was done in an orphanage; the children had their tooth brushes taken away. Once every two weeks a dentist professionally cleaned their teeth. None of these children in this five year study developed dental cavities.

Yes! Dental cavities can heal and be 100% prevented!

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