What is Inner Influencing?

Inner Influencing TM, is a bold new paradigm for the relief of most emotional traumas, mental disturbances, plus many of the conflicts and emotions at the root causes of our physical discomforts.

Inner Influencing is vastly superior to hypnosis and to many other “energy therapies”.

It was developed by Paul Greblick after years of going through a near total breakdown. Paul says that he felt constantly on the brink, 30 seconds from death for 7 years.

In order to find the healing he needed, he tried many different energy therapies. Not only did none of these seem to suffice, one by one uncovered their weaknesses. (Not to detract from the near miraculous effects of these other modalities, however.)

He then developed Inner Influencing, with the aid of inspired guidance, to help him solve his need for a comprehensive emotional/subconscious healing process that was fast and easy (once learned), and gentle to use and apply.

This new modality, in my view, is destined to make all other modalities obsolete and is quickly becoming what I feel is the most important tool for the evolution of humanity.

How does Inner Influencing work?

Inner Influencing uses a special set of instructions for the subconscious to carry out and engage. Our subconscious has total recall of everything that has ever happened to us, it can easily carry out the special instructions on anything we apply it to.

This series of instructions are extremely comprehensive and goes into the deepest recesses of the subconscious to root out everything that is stored in the subconscious “container” that has to do with a particular topic.

These sets of instructions are given in the form of a “speed dial” which has shown to be far more comprehensive than any other modality and in minutes, root out difficult emotional discomforts where the other modalities fail. 

Inner Influencing will cut straight through dissociation as if it were not even present. 

Are you ready to make the most important step in your life?   Are you ready to get the life you deserve?  Why wait?,  now is the time to start your brand new life!

By learning Inner Influencing, you can make your life experience better in every way, I give sessions via telephone or Skype to many places in the world.

Inner Influencing will also work with pets.

Please contact me for information about a session where I will personally show you how to use this exciting and powerful new modality.

You can start to get a sample of what Inner Influencing is about by getting the FREE QuickStart (a $21 value) guide by filling this form:(Please note: there is a 10% off discount coupon in the back of the Quick Start for the e-course.)

I will never divulge you email to anybody for any reason.

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