Frozen Shoulder Causes

Frozen shoulder causes:

Have you been to:

  • Doctors?
  • Chiropractors?
  • Acupuncturists?
  • Osteopaths?
  • Physical therapists?
  • Massage therapists?

Stephen Coleman

And you are still in pain?

Are you tired of little or temporary relief?

Has your doctor told you that you are just going to have to live in pain?

Do you despair that you never again will have the full use of your arms?

Despair no more, there is hope. Vibrant health is within reach and well beyond your wildest dreams.

My personalized action plan will bring you much more than total relief from your frozen shoulder, but will open to you a great secret: Of how to master your subconscious mind and get the life you really want.

And you will get this all with my personal loving guidance.

This is about self empowerment over your frozen shoulder causes and you will be on your way to health, contentment and peace. You will be able to be free from gurus, teachers or coaches and become your own coach.

No need to struggle with frozen shoulder exercises and expensive physical therapy.

If you're ready to be empowered, inspired and guided towards amazing health and the peace you deserve, lets go for it!

Fill in this form to get your free information about the real frozen shoulder causes and begin to take action now.

We will never give or sell your email address to anybody for any reason.

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Look what people are saying about Stephen.

Three years ago I had a horse accident and hurt my shoulder.  The pain never went away and the doctor said the damage is permanent.  I regained all of my arm movement after only one session with Steve and he also taught me to start clearing my emotional baggage at the same time. I was surprised that family members started getting along better and there is now less discord in our home.  Thank you Steve, not only did I get my shoulder back, but my life has improved in totally unexpected ways.- Joanne,  Oakdale, California

My shoulder started hurting several months back.  I don't know why it started hurting, but it got worse.  I went to a chiropractor and acupuncturist and they didn't help much. I found Stephen Coleman on the internet and thought I'd give it a whirl. I couldn't believe he could do this over the telephone.  He quickly discovered why I was hurting, and within minutes the pain was gone and has not came back. - Susan, Portland Oregon.

My left shoulder had been hurting for 4 months. He asked me what happened 4 months ago. That time my girl friend broke up with me and was spreading rumors.  He asked me about my feelings and I didn't think that was of any importance. Yes, I was mad and rejected. It was unfair. Yet in less than 10 minutes the pain was completely gone and full movement returned. After a month the pain has not returned. 

Name withheld.

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