Can energy therapy harm me in anyway?

That depends on the skills of your practitioner. Every traumatic event will have multiple emotions and aspects. If all are not cleared then the problem may return later. Also you may go into a healing crisis, that is you may get ill with flu-like symptoms or rarely even end up in the hospital.

Inner Influencing®  does not bring about healing crises, it is gentle and has been tested extensively to be safe. You may feel a little light headed sometimes, but we have an instant remedy for that.

Do I need to learn muscle testing with Inner Influencing®?

No, muscle testing can be unreliable sometimes, it does not work at all if there is dissociation involved. Inner Influencing is so fast and efficient you can clear 3 problems before you can do a muscle test.

I have watched another practitioner waste 2/3rds of a session just trying to get muscle testing to work. I used to muscle test, but now I see it more as a hindrance.

Can Inner Influencing® help with inherited family issues?

Yes, and is very efficient at it. Inner Influencing goes to the root or the original source of the issue. If your great grandfather’s old dirty shirt is stinking up your closet, you simply treat the bad smells. No need to dig up family history, your subconscious has total control over whatever is in there.

Is Inner Influencing® easy to master?

Inner Influencing® takes work and dedication to learn, don’t think it’s a magic wand. But to become truly clear you have to get all of the subconscious junk out or the problem will resurface later or may not even budge.

Inner Influencing® teaches you how to target the issues, which is the great weakness of the other therapies.

The subconscious stores traumatic or unpleasant events in 2 separate places. The emotion is stored in one place and the event in another. Both the event and the emotions need to be cleared or the problem will return.

I enjoy finding my own unpleasant emotions....It gives me the chance to clear it and I do not allow myself to miss any opportunity to clear an issue and it only takes a few seconds.

What is the worst that can happen with Inner Influencing®?

The worst that can happen with Inner Influencing® is absolutely nothing. If you clear an issue that is not a problem, nothing will happen.

Does Inner Influencing® work together with hypnosis?

Hypnosis does not increase nor decrease the effects of Inner Influencing. Frankly there is no need to combine Inner Influencing with any other modality it will just slow you down.

Inner Influencing® doesn’t work for me, why?

Inner Influencing® always works, even with cases of strong dissociation. You don’t even have to believe it works.

Imagine having 20 splinters in the palm of your hand. You feel one pain, not 20 separate pains. Removing one splinter at a time does not seem to make much difference. When you have pulled all 20, then you feel great relief.

Some people are “stuck,” subconsciously they don’t want to get better or being stuck is a protective mechanism because the subconscious fears what life would be without a set of problems. This is where an experienced Inner Influencing practitioner needs to called in.

I once worked with a lady with chronic back pain. She had it for 15 years. We cleared the pain in about 10 minutes. She let out a few expletives that her back pain was gone and said Inner Influencing® does not work. She refused any further help and was quite rude about it.

Some people fear they would lose love, acceptance or support if they were free of their problems. That too, can be cleared, but only if you are willing.

I consider unwillingness to be incurable, only you can change that into willingness.

Will Inner Influencing® remove my memories?

No, you will still remember traumatic or unpleasant events, but the hard or unpleasant feelings will no longer torment you. It will be more of a “so what,” nonchalant, neutral feeling. It will no longer be of any importance to you and if it is unimportant the memories will no longer spontaneously come up.

Will Inner Influencing® take away all of my feelings?

No,  we are naturally loving, joyous and peaceful.  Inner Influencing only gets rid of whatever is in the way of our natural joy, fulfilment, peace and love. 

Life becomes amazing once we clear whatever is in the way of our natural state of being. 


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