What is Lyme Disease?

What is lyme disease caused by? It is believed that it is caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi which is passed from ticks biting people or animals.

The first symptoms of Lyme disease were first believed to be rheumatoid arthritis discovered in an unusual grouping of affected children near Lyme Connecticut.

Later symptoms of Lyme disease are heart problems, fatigue, chronic pain, arthritis, stomach and intestinal disorders.

The signs symptoms of lyme disease can be different from person to person. Some people have the bacterium and never develop the illness, while others develop the illness without ever being bitten by a tick.

In order to get the disease both the bacterium along with the underlying emotional conflicts must be present. This is a healing phase syndrome. This disease often hits immigrants or children of immigrants. It involves a break in the family, chronic homesickness, or a separation conflict from the family clan. Have you have been adopted or do not feel like you belong in your family?

Was there a big clash in your family clan? Did you go through an unpleasant change of profession?

These are some of the things of what causes Lyme disease, however the causes like the symptoms, vary from person to person.

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