New Holistic Medicine:

We have been taught since childhood that we are bio-mechanical beings whose biochemical processes and environment affect our moods and well being.

We have been led to believe that physical and mental illness just happen. Scientists have discovered the physiological aspects of some issues down to the molecule. But they are at a total loss to know what are the triggers.

What really causes illness? What causes cancer? What causes arthritis? What causes mental disorders?  What is the cause of prostrate cancer? 

Likely you are searching because science is not providing you satisfactory answers.

The answer is the same for all that ails us whether it be illness, mental disorders or dissatisfaction with our lives. 

It is our feelings. Feelings generate a physiological response that are called emotions. Emotions have a slight electrical energetic charge and can be noted by chemical changes within the brain.

This is so incredibly simple and anybody can understand new holistic medicine. 

Feelings are the only thing that are blocking us from our full potential

Most of our feelings are subconscious and we are not aware of them.

Feelings rule our life and will always rule over reason. What would have become of Albert Einstein if he hated math or was too shy to ask questions?

Stephen Coleman studied ECIWO biology and medicine at Shandong University, People's Republic of China. He is also a certified herbalist. He used to keep up with all the latest about supplements and new medical discoveries.

Stephen had a client with a stubborn case of frozen shoulder. Acupuncture only gave him temporary relief. Herbs and chiropractors didn't help much either. Medical doctors wanted to do surgery and prescribe pain medications.

Stephen worked with him for over 6 months without seeing any notable improvement. Somebody then suggested to try EFT or Energy Freedom Techniques. A basic form of energy medicine. This looked rather silly and Stephen was rather skeptical to try it. But he gave it a try anyway.

The client was instantly and permanently healed within 5 minutes.

This was a paradigm changing experience for Stephen. It led him to question all he ever learned about science. Stephen found well done studies that contradicted each other. He discovered that fraud in research is fairly common.

What could he rely on for good information? The sacred cow of science was shattered before his eyes.

The answer lies within each of us. 

Stephen no longer works with herbs, supplements or acupuncture as he has found energy therapy to be superior to anything he has used before.

Now is time to take full responsibility for all of our thoughts and feelings.

It takes courage to do this,  do you believe you are ready?

It is possible and easy to get your health back, this website is designed to bring you the self help techniques for finding wholeness and enlightenment. 

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