New Holistic Medicine:

New Holistic Medicine is what I have chosen to call the hybrid practice of Inner Influencing and Recall Healing.

This is advancing the understanding of body n mind  and how it affects both our emotional and physical well being. This technique is all encompassing and could both improve our emotional and physical well being. 

But having a healthy body n mind is just the beginning,  this is about gaining the ideal life. It is about enjoying every moment, about overcoming relationship difficulties, past hurts and even serious traumas or addictions.

A  healthy body n mind go together.  If you body is not well, it is a reflection of what is going on in the subconscious.  Most of us would never purposely hurt ourselves and nobody that is mentally ill wants to be ill.

This is not about blame or judgment.  We may have all be taught to blame or judge as little children. We may have been told if we act certain ways we are “BAD or “GOOD”.

But blame and judgment affect our own happiness and that of those around us.  In fact chronic self blame may be what causes arthritis.

A small handful of enlightened and brave medical practitioners have broke with the “body is separate from the mind” paradigm. Some have paid dearly with slanders and even prison.

Their success rates are well above that of their colleagues.  The simplicity of body n mind techniques is upsetting to many professionals (both mental and medical health) who want and depend upon the chronically ill for their livelihoods.

Imagine, having this tool in your own hands. This tool is far simpler than years studying medicine or psychology and can be far more effective.  This tool can be yours for less than the cost of a single visit to a therapist or medical professional.

New Holistic Medicine is much more than overcoming illness or emotional distress.  It is about opening up your life to its full potential. Many clients have reported that not only do they overcome serious illness, but their relationships and life circumstances also improve well beyond their expectations.

The advantage of New Holistic Medicine over other similar modalities is that you no longer have to suffer through a healing crisis once the disease causing conflict has been resolved.

You also don’t become dependent on me, you learn to target your own hidden and forgotten issues. This is all about your own self empowerment.

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